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Christian Pahlitzsch

Hi, this is Christian Pahlitzsch, a fire worker. Recently I got a lamp from the company SPERAS. This is new on the market and has very interesting models so far. I was allowed to test the SPERAS T1. First some information about it. Arrived the lamp is in a stable box, very well packed. Even the batteries were extra secured in a small battery box. With included 2x 18650 batteries, a holster, gaskets and lanyard. The processing of the T1 is very good, all threads are clean cut and greased. The T1 comes with 1200 lm to about 1300 m range. I can not verify that, but in my estimation definitely comes. The modes are easy to switch. It is available ON, momentary on and fast strobe. Furthermore, the T1 has a Breathing function, which makes it very easy to find the lamp in the dark by the display in the side switch with 7 different LED colors. I'm really surprised what this lamp does. For a new brand a very good start! For more information The SPERAS T1 is certainly suitable for use in the SAR area but also security etc

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