Remote pressure switch for TH1/TH2/T2-70

The RM03 Remote Pressure Switch from SPERAS replaces the stock tailcap on compatible flashlights for safe use with SPERAS TH1/TH2. Its coiled cable extends to 19.5", allowing you to precisely place it according to your personal preference. The pressure pad attaches where ever your stabilizing hand goes, providing momentary activation for the light while keeping both hands on your weapon.  


RM03 has three buttons there and functions as below,

S1: Positive on/off the light, finger on, light on at High Mode, finger off, light off.

Or press the S1 down, to make the light constant on at High Mode


S2/S3: Get access to Strobe in any state.


After being equipped with RM03, the T2-70 side switch can work still; take responsibility for on/off the light and brightness level change.

Weight: 50g

Package: 40cm*40cm*100cm

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